This one project at my study.

We always had to do quite some documentation, even some in a way that works the opposite of how my brain works.

That's all fine if you can agree on doing it differently.

Had this teacher who valued documentation above anything else. The project was 10 weeks, after 9 weeks my documentation got approved (yes, not a single line of code yet) and I could finally program for the remaining 5 days.

Still had quite some bugs at say number five, the day of presentation.

I imagined that'd be okay since I only had 4 full days instead of the 5-8 weeks everyone else had.

Every bug was noted and the application was "unstable" and "not nearly good enough".

At that moment I thought like "if this is the dev life, I'm out of here".

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    What theeeee??
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    What a fucking asshole of a teacher.
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    Hey, man. I know this may seem weird to ask but: Have you communicated with Michelle recently? I'm an old friend of her. If you have a way of talking with her, please, tell her that Javier (or @itsnameless -- my old nickname) wants to talk with her. Sorry if you find this very weird, but I've been trying to find a way to talk with her but I got no results at it. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey linuxxx, I have got signal again :)

    I can send you my number via mail if you'd like
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    Hey, it's me. :)
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    Hey. Sorry for the delay - Internet in Venezuela is horrible.

    Could you tell me how can I contact you? Here's my email: cakepy@tutanota.com

    I've missed you. :)
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