I’m a relatively young dev (25) and I’m already scared of ageism.

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    Same. I can already tell it's gonna be a problem for me. None of my coworkers believe what I say about anything unless I cc an older coworker who verifies I'm right 🙃
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    Yeah, I can vouch for @Elyz. She's right.
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    @Jilano thanks 😘😂😭
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    I'm 28 and I feel irrelevant ._.
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    When you cross 25, you will realize that it is inevitable and move on from that
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    I hear 35 is the best age to always be.

    Before that you are not considered experienced enough, after that, too old..

    I don't care what age you are, you can still die young !
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    It’s real and it’s a cunt. Even when you get older it still doesn’t matter if they can take the opinion of someone older even if they really don’t have a fucking clue.
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    @Nanos but 35 is too old for life ._.
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    25 is ancient.

    Flappy birds dev was 16.

    Agar.io dev was written overnight by a 17yo Brazilian.

    Both make more in a week than we’ll ever make in a year.
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    @toriyuno I am ancient relic of the past ._.
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    @irene I taught myself how to program in QBASIC with pen and paper
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    @toriyuno I was not relevant for anything ever ._.

    Social life - nope.
    Education - nope.
    Professional skills - nope.

    And now I'm "too old for this shit". 😞
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