Actual Name problems... Lol

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    Damm he really should name his son "Software" 😆
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    @heyheni I don't think it would create any issues with that.
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    If he's a tester in more than name...
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    Reminds me of a dating site that deletes profiles of attractive people because they thought they was fake !

    That's what happens folk when you cheap out on your own staff, and leave it to the users to decide who to vote out..

    Doesn't take 5 minutes to engage someone in video chat to see they look like their picture..
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    @xPunxNotDeadx That's why it's always said to sanitize user inputs before storing it in a database. It's 2019 Lol...
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    People living in Scunthorpe apparently often have problems with their address being deleted or rejected.
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    @Robinha ...And penistone!
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    @techcatchers he will be called "software tester"
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    Wait, Tony Hawk is still relevant enough to get recognized?
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    Don't even get started with all the actual ppl who's name is null. There's a pretty popular blogger and film critic, Christopher Null who blogged about the horrors he faced for his name 😂
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