Non-devs will never understand the satisfaction when you see your tests run successfully on GitLab for the first time. (Last course at university and we are supposed to do TDD for the first time. )

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    Lol. Will you ever understand the satisfaction of performing a surgery and saving thousands peoples lives? Not to be a hypocrate here, but your green lights from passed unit tests is nothing more then a small dopamine rush in your addicted brain thats all. But rarely it makes a huge impact in the big picture. So lets not treat ourselves as special snowflakes
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    @zemaitis I see the logic here but you have to sometimes look past the logic. If people enjoy a facet of their life I don't think anybody should tear that away.

    If we weren't to enjoy the little things then we'd have an even more depressing world than we already do, lighten up. Let him enjoy his green lights
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