"Please add a feature to check the user's internet connection before the application starts."
-- THIS IS A GOD DAMN WEB APPLICATION, YOU DUMB MORONS! Maybe I should add a feature next that checks for the user's computer being turned on or what? How about making sure the application isn't run when the power is out?!
Jesus fuck.

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    The belongs in a Dilbert comic.
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    Won't fix, feature is already built into browser.

    Or you could make a service worker.
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    'Then make it an offline application'
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    It depends. Is your application first fully loaded and only then loaded in browser? If yes, this means that technically, you need to be able to handle that case. Discord and Telegram do, too.
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    @Root why not in an @Trogus comic?
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    I enjoyed this post, thanks

    those other features you proposed were very simple but smart, and pretty much cover any corner case that these dumbfucks could think of.
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    @Root except for that "Jesus fuck" part, that would not go very well in your classic newspaper, would be good rule 34 material on some imageboard instead...
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    fucking rofl at this whole thing 😂
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    @filthyranter It's a kind of videochat. Basically customers load the page, register and then the company using it can support them. There is no way we need such a check.
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    @alexbrooklyn I did that for my bachelor thesis, putting everything in-memory and wrapping it with electron makes it a nice and dandy offline-web-application 😂
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    navigator object should have a read only property to show if it's online or offline
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    @wildcard holy dead wine cows
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    Make a simple PWA program checks connectivity on load and show "not connected" page when offline.
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    It will cost $100.
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