How to know if being a developer is the right career path for for you?

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    If you lose sleep over a missing semicolon, that's your fault because modern tools tell you where the fuck an error is
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    Fucking stereotypes
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    @devTea swear to god

    My favorite way to spend a Saturday/Sunday is kicked back watching sports. Guess I'm not an actual developer then :(
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    You lose sleep over potentially infringing software patent(s) and praying to Allah that your company’s lawyer(s) don’t decide to throw you under the bus.
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    How to not do a dev career.
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    This sounds like a list based on someone who's obtained their knowledge from Hollywood.

    My idea of a fun Sunday is spending time with my wife and daughter. I've never lost sleep over a missing semi-colon. I enjoy problem solving to a point, but I'm much more likely to be thinking about what I'm going to have for breakfast when taking a shower. I like building things, but the vast majority of real world devwork is maintenance... and none of that should come as a surprise.
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    @JustThat not too many times because I use a real OS as my main lmao 😏😏
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    Huh... guess I'm a stereotype now... To my defence though... It's not that I enjoy loosing my sleep over a fucking little shit of a simple bug, I just can't turn the dev off in my head.

    Punctuation bugs not relevant, but something as simple as messing up a simple equation or getting the greater or lesser than symbols turned around? Fuck... Logic bugs are the worst.

    The Dev is my dope. I'm not an alcoholic, a compulsive gambler or even a smoker, but when my mind latches on to something I'm gone 'till I'm done, or I get a good "shaking". Books, code, computer arcitecture... my poison has many faces, but I'm getting better at breaking out. Mostly due to fatigue these days, but hey, I get out of it at least...
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    @Hakash I understand the part about not turning it off.

    I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I want to solve the task at hand in one sitting or it drives me crazy
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    @Stuxnet The paradox is that I also suffer a bit from the "Ooh, shiny" syndrome when I'm trying to pull my shit together an finish that fuckng personal project I'm alone on. So much like procratinators here on dR, I can go off the rails, down a rabbit hole and emerge a good while later, usually when it's bedtime...
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    Especially in the shower, steamy glass doors are best whiteboards
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    You like people shoving their opinions about languages, frameworks, methodologies and protocols down your neck 😀😀
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