School gave me 3 DigitalOcean droplets to try out Kubernetes in the cloud, awesome!

Wrote an Ansible script to not only simply install docker and add users but also add kubernetes, nice!

Oh wait, error?! Well I should've known this wasn't going to be easy... ah well no problem. Let's see... Ansible is cryptic as always, it can't connect to the API server? Is it even running?

Let's ssh to the master, ah nothing is running, great. Let's try out kubeadm init and see what happens, oh gosh, my Docker version has not been validated! No problem, let's just downgrade!

How do I do that? Oh I know, change the version in the role! Wait that version doesn't exit? Let's travel to Docker's website and see what versions exist of docker-ce, oh I see, it needs a subversion, no problem.

Oh that errors too? Wait then what... Oh I need a ~ and a ubuntu and a 0 somewhere, my mistake!

Let's run it again! Fails!

Same ssh process, oh wait...

Oh god no...

Kubernetes requires 2 cores and these things only have 1...

Welp, time to ask the teachers to resize my droplet by a small amount tomorrow, hopefully I'll get a new error!


My adventure so far with Kubernetes. I'm not installing it for any serious/prod reason, just for educational purposes. K8s seems like 'endgame' to me, like one of the 'big guys' that big enterprises use so I'm eager to throw stuff at a droplet and see what happens.

Going further down the rabbit hole tomorrow!

Wish me luck :3

(And yes, I could've figured this all out beforehand with documentation, but this is more fun in my opinion)

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    As far I know there are lightweight kubernetes "distributions", e.g. minicube or rancher.
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    There's probably a flag to disable the requirement. I had too do the same thing for my laptop to run docker enterprise
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    Went through the same process as you, now I’m doing it again but with Openshift instead 🤯
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    @jelleken I've hears about that one too! I'm intrigued :)
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    @sbiewald I've used minicube before, but I do think I can get a slightly bigger droplet for testing purposes
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    @sbiewald would use minikube just for local purposes - still there is k3s which is kubernets just in a trimmed down version
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    @jelleken I tried openshift a year ago and the recommended prod setup required 9 nodes! That is fucking insane.
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    Update: The Ansible role recently had an update and now everything works perfectly :)
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