I'm not enjoying my current experience with the web.

I feel sad, alone most of the time.

Let me disclaim first that I don't have like an apocalyptic view of the world, I actually think it's improving (in very broad terms).

I also understand that the web is a complex thing and everyone being happy with is going to be very unlikely, specially as more and more people use it, since the entropy will naturally increase.

I don't have solid evidence of what I'm saying next and I'm not even entirely what exactly I'm saying, but maybe I'm onto something.

I feel that when the internet first started, businessmen were like "meh, geek stuff".

But slowly, things changed, and every greedy person tried to just fucking unload his greed filled cum onto it

And now it feels like 1984. And I hate when people reeeee 1984. But it does feel like it.

The ads are like "ok, I know you like that other shit, but CHECK THIS SHIT OUT".

It's AI driven to maximize profits, with little care for people happiness.

I miss when youtube had related videos. The algorithm wasn't perfect but at least it was exactly that, related videos.

Now though, youtube likes to be smart. But not smart in a way that enriches your youtube experience.
It's smart in a way that maximizes ad revenue.

"what? did you think we were going to use AI to make you happier? that we were going to enrich your youtube experience?
NO MOTHER FUCKER! OF COURSE NOT. We're gonna use it to show you whatever shit that will make us richer faster."

Controls for customizing the recommended videos behaviour? Pff, no.
They're gonna decide for you what it is that you like
They're going to decide what you should be watching.

Everytime i turn on my samsung tv, the youtube app recomends me watching "BETTER THAN SEX EYE LINER". Jesus christ, what the shitcum, I'm the only motherfucker on the house that uses youtube, and I couldn't care less about this cunt's disguised ad video, let alone fucking eye liners.

Why youtube, why do you promote whatever porn video VEVO uploads?

Why do you ruin every youtube rewind?

Why do you pander to the lowest common denominator?

Why can't you be shining beacon, a moral company considering you're a cultural icon?

Fuck you youtube, and while we're at it, fuck you too samsung, I must have been drunk the day I bought this shitty closed source software piece of shit "smart".

And these are just 2 companies. The internet is FILLED with these greedy bastards. They have no passion for their products, for making people happy. They only have passion for the MUNNNEY.

Thanks a lot business schools, thanks a lot CEOs of the world, thanks for making the world a happier place.

Ok, now that I said that, I want to back up a bit.

Youtube may bot be perfect, but it's ad revenue system enables some youtubers I love to be able to make that their careers.

I appreciate that, so maybe youtube isn't that bad... so sorry for saying those horrible things man!

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    I agree. I'm getting weird ads on youtube and similar sites (using google ads) with typos all over the place, weird grammar and what not. Like wtf. How is it even possible for people to publish that. Don't they realize that they are hurting their image? Or am I the only one having this problem?
    I also like how yt handles what ads to show.
    I start watching a videos. Ad plays, I skip. 2 minutes lager: same ad plays, I skip again. Sometimes I get the same ad 5 times in a row on a 10min yt video. Aaaaaaah I wanna die.

    Fun fact: in android youtube works and loads faster in google chrome than in the actual youtube app (on my phone)

    Edit: an example text of a facebook ad i get on yt, translated from german: "one/you online connect biggest online-community." (I tried to translate the grammar mistakes as well as I could)
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    @b3b3 I get repeated ads too all the time.
    A very insulting experience.
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    🤨I guess I missed the part of my life being untwined in watching cat videos and people doing useless shit all day.

    Now I feel like I missed something important.
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    I agree with everything except that last sentence.
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    The bad grammar is probably intentional. If the language being used is similar to what you use/hear every day, you're more likely to watch/buy what they're showing.

    It's probably a product/service targeted at the lower wealth classes. It almost acts like a wealth filter.
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    Yeah, the YT repeated same ad spam is sometimes infuriating. What the fuck, at least show me a new ad you motherfucker.

    I don't give a flying fuck about Grammarly, your Silicon valley cum filled DNA ancestry tests, or Shane degenerate Mendes - and watching it 5 times in one video isn't going to make me want to buy it more, it's going to make me hate it with a burning passion. "You neeeed to get Grammarly!" - no, I don't, bitch.

    As for related videos, now it's more like history sometimes (what you previously listened to/watched). I open some classical music, and the related videos is filled with metal.
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    @Quirinus funny, bad grammar used to be a sign of 3rd country scam and this makes it a 'marketing feature'

    Adblock, adblock everything and everywhere with ublock and xposed. It's not fair to the content providers, but let them choke on a dick unless they start pushing against ad providers generating this bullshit.
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    @qwwerty Yup, nowadays scammers use bad grammar to filter out smart people (since they're more likely to avoid the scam anyway).
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