This is a conversation my friend and I had.

Me: let me just delete this file
*rm -rf filename*

Frnd: what does the rf do?

Me: Don't know man I just do it coz the memes tell me to.

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    R is for recursive. It means that it will delete everything under the path you specify. It's only intended for deleting directories.

    F is for force. It carries out the delete operation without making the user confirm with a yes/no dialogue.
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    I always go with rmdir first, just to make sure that whenever im deleting a (supposedly empty) directory I don't have to do rm -r :p
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    @bahua i just found it out when I wanted to post it. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I think this is the wrong community to tell that you run commands that you don’t understand. Also it can be very dangerous.
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    You're a terrible person. You're a bad @thevariableman. Bad.
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    This is so fucking funny, I gotta agree with jase on this one!
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