What are your comments on this line of thought.. you would always find a younger smarter and a good technician in the market than yourself then why do we require dev in software industry with 10+ years experience. Moreover tech itself changes so rapidly to catch hold off..

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    Because experience means you have already made a lot of mistakes you hopefully don’t repeat and in best case also seen others mistakes that you do not repeat.

    A good team has use of both young with less ingrained habits and veterans to prevent history from repeating it self.

    To much of one either means a slow moving or unchanging team or a rash team making lots of common mistakes (generalizing a lot here ;) ).

    Also experience can mean faster solutions to common problems that has already been solved over and over again.

    But it also requires the team to be on even terms, no digging trenches or ageism either way.

    The new trainee might not be experienced but might have some new tricks to teach while the veterans should have lots of old tricks :)
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    It's why you would trust a known brand over a new company. That a 1000 new companies fail around the globe, but the media only glorifies those who succeeded.
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    "But this time it's completely different!" No, by and large it's not, and it's stupid for the same reasons it had already been stupid 25 years ago with a completely unrelated tech stack, but the youngster doesn't know that because back then, he wasn't even the lustful glance in his parents' eyes, and he would happily let the project burn through two man-years just to find out.
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