Don't you hate it when this happens?

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    By any chance, was the top message a result of logging in via OAuth? You might've a general account, but no Auth key :) (then again, it should actually ask you to log in, instead)
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    You might have created an account with the email not through Google. So when you try to sign up through google, the email address already exist in their database as normal account.
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    @davish007 nope I signed up with my Google account. I've already sent an email to support
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    I bloody hate login-as-a-service. It makes sense in a few scenarios, but Google handling it for millions of sites? Fuck no.
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    @Root it could be argued that it does help reduce the amount of and/or the extent of effect caused by crappy devs who put their passwords in plaintext though.. there's several platforms which I only trust with a revokable token. Well, "trust".. you get the idea, right.
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