I'm a developer, member of the A-Team. Actually I'm the leader of the A-Team.

We are incredibly skilled. Our problem solving capabilities is amazing, almost 100 times more effective than the rest of people. We produce code 10 times faster and better than anybody else. We have THE knowledge.

We can save the company in case of emergency.

For that reason, it's of paramount importance to nurture and protect the A-Team.

- When there is a bug, A-Team will not correct it. Because, if A-Team is busy, and bad shit happens, the company could be destroyed and we couldn't help

- When there is some important features to develop with a deadline, A-Team will not participate: A-Team must stay alert and ready in case of emergency

- If huge catastrophe happens and long hours, night and weekend are needed to fix it, A-Team will not risk burning the A-Team because it's the only high skilled team we have. The company cannot afford to have an A-Team member exhausted, underpaid, unhappy leaving or sleepy. Therefore, the company will sacrifice other less important people.

A-Team is company biggest asset and must be protected in any kind of situations.
The company should also pay training for them in order to increase their skills and make them unreplaceable.

These are my conditions. I'm the leader of the A-Team. You can't afford to loose me.

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    You give me the impression that the A team is someone who sits on their ass all the time. You say it's the team that can fix anything ... yet then go on listing how this A team will not fix anything, even catastrophic.
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    @theKarlisK That's right, check out his previous rant
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    I pity the fool!
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    @theKarlisK @ihatecomputers
    I'm sick of not having any directions, of developing useless things all the time, helping solving problems without priorities, loosing my time just because some high brass opened his/her mouth.

    So I created this concept of A-Team in order to defend myself during meetings (not exactly as I explained here, but in other words). It works quite well.

    Nobody actually understand the sarcasm, and they even like the idea.
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    @deviloper Is this the A-Team or the freaking Ass Team lol
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    yes it's an AssholesTeam. They want us to be assholes.
    In this company nobody knows the NoAssholeRule.

    Actually there is a HireTopPaidAssholeRule, so they deserve an Asshole Team
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    @deviloper who wants you to be an asshole, aren't you the team lead haha
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    How are people missing the sarcasm in this 😂
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