A few times per week, I get inspired and think up some projects that would be really cool to build.

But then by the time I get home, all I want to do is get some rest from a long day at work. So the list of side-projects grows.

How do you guys find time to actually get anything done outside of work?

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    That is the curse. The curse of thinking a lot and never doing much.

    My solution?

    Carry something to take notes on you. Can be a small notepad, a voice recorder, the toilet paper (true story, sometimes you'd be surprised what comes down on you along with other things). Think on your ideas.

    Then comes the dreaded night, when you have at LAST a little time off, and happen to have some coffee or something like that at home. You have all those ideas brewing in your subconscious. And like ripping a massive fart, you'll start coding. Non-stop. For all night. You won't even notice the time.

    After you notice the rising sun, the spell will be broken. ALL your fatigue will come to you at once. And, at the next time you looked at what you wrote, you will say...

    ...was I drunk?

    Happens to me now, I have downed 4 mugs of coffee and 2 cans of energy drink. Has happened before too. And will happen again.

    Welcome to hell. Let me be your guide.
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