right to repair is dead in cali and canada because Apple and CompTIA lobbied

cali: https://theverge.com/2019/5/...

canada: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/...

apple can suck my 3-inch dick

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    That's sad to hear.

    '“Another concern is safety,” the letter stated. “Consumers need to be assured that their medical devices, appliances, laptops, and other electronic devices are being repaired correctly in order to minimize risks to their safety. Manufacturers are best suited to provide this assurance. For example, at present, products containing high-energy lithium ion batteries are only repaired by trained professionals who understand the hazards associated with breakage of these batteries.”'

    How the fuck do you even break a lithium ion battery while repairing a device? If a customer is so idiotic to e. g. directly hit a battery with a screwdriver, it's certainly the customers fault. If the letter's author meant one could damage the charging circuit, leading to over charge (or whatever): All normal lithium ion batteries have an additional protection circuit.

    What the heck is this nonsense argumentation?
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    If I own a device, I'd fuck it if I want to
    All the rights of the device including repairs should be with customers
    It's annoying how moronic these govt members are
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    @sbiewald the problem is that some batteries are glued to the case, which makes them hard to remove. And that's not some dual sided tape easy to remove, but rather some glued-for-life glue.

    Such glue maaaybe has some minor cooling advantages, but it's mostly designed to fuck with you.
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    @WildOrangutan You can remove it by pulling with all the strength you have, using something as a lever to lift up the battery.

    The glue under the battery is definitely one of the worst issues of "modern" smartphones, they can't even use the "waterproofing" excuse for that.

    It's hilarious to see people on YouTube uploading disassembly videos in which they remove everything from the phone body excluding the battery.
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    As @irene said, at least there is the right to leave apple devices to store
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    I had a bit of hope when I saw the news of the bill being proposed!
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    MPP Kaleed Rasheed, fuck you!

    But it’s only on a provincial level. There’s a bit of chance that someone could pass the bill on a federal level.
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    @irene regardless of the choice, right to repair is still ded. Whether it's an Apple device or not makes no difference, Apple's still fucked us all.
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    Ironically Apple’s batteries in the newer generation iPhones are actually fairly easy to remove
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    What a surprise from apple /s
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