When I’m at work I can’t wait to get home to work on personal projects only to get home with no energy and just procrastinate and/or play games entire weekend/afternoon.
Think is i also feel extremely guilty if i try to relax and do nothing, but at the same time able to understand that i need time to chill, just can’t get in a positive mindset about it. Am i the only one?

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    Feel like that almost everyday between work and Uni.. so no you are not alone..
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    That's the ultimate goal of work, isn't it? To make as little money as possible and to suck your soul out of you.
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    I have that too. I need time to unwind and relax, but I really wanna get my side projects going, too...
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    Yeah I def feel you. Hard to break out of this cycle. The imperfect way I try to fix it is to go hard at work for 5-6 hours instead of 8. Gives you an extra couple hours of unwind every day
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    Same here. I feel bad about not being productive in my free time all the time.
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    Most days go alone these lines for me, but I pick some days to work on stuff as well.
    Balance is everything.
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    No, you're not alone... Indeed that's the reason why I'm thinking to do something different than sw development for living.
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    Find hobbies which are different from your job. If you start to hate/be bored by your job, you won't be able to escape to and enjoy your hobbies at home otherwise, because they'll be the same/work as reminder.

    Happened to me. Did not believe it 5 years back, when a friend told me the same.

    && yes, requires to stick your head out of the comfort zone and often try something completely new and unfamiliar (not an easy task for most IT ppl)
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    I had to open and look at the username to check if this was me.
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    You're definitely not alone. That basically describes my whole life.
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