A friend approached me with an "unpopular opinion" regarding the worldwide famous intro to Machine Learning course by Andre Ng.

His opinion: "shit is boring AF and so is the teacher"

Honestly, I loved it, i think it is a really good intro to the actual intuition(pun/reference intended) to the area. I specially like how it cuts down the herd in terms of the people that stick with it and the people that don't, as in "math is too hard. All i want is to create A.I" <---- bye Felicia.

Even then, i think that the idea that Andrew Ng is boring is not too far from reality. I love math, i am by no means a natural, but with pen and paper in front of me and google I feel like i can figure out and remember anything, i do it out of sheer obsession and a knack for mathematical challenges. That is what kept me sane through the course. Other than that I find it hard to disagree, even if it was not boring for me.

Anyone here thinks the course was fucking boring as well? As in, the ones that have taken it.

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    I have no odea that there were worldwide famous courses.
    I get the appeal of a book, but courses? Is this a thing now?
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    @Pickman google "best machine learning course" and see how many people point to this course.

    Just as there are books, there are undisputed courses and to answer your condescending question: yes, it is a thing.
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    I like cs231n course better
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    $.05: every video course is fucking boring. I aint wanna sit around for hours, listening to some dude explaining stuff in their own pace, much rather'd read it as an article or a book.
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    @ganjaman very valid as well. It gets super tedious after a while
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    @devTea i really dig that one as well!
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    I've taken it too, found it quite boring as well but only because I agree with @ganjaman here, book or article any day. Plus the course is a watered down version of his Stanford CS229 course (if you like maths I'd definitely recommend the CS229 lecture notes, fairly detailed, spent quite a bit of time pouring over those notes).

    I was doing his deep learning courses too but left them halfway for Ian Goodfellow's book for the same reasons.
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    @AleCx04 I'm sorry it was not meant to be condescending. When I was in university Facebook was not a thing. Online courses were not famous. In fact I love this. I don't know if I'm personally interested (I love reading) but I do love the concept. It's a new thing for me.
    P.s. I found it as the fifth result, but the only online courses I followed were some from MIT so I guess that my google preferences are not to be trusted on courses, they're likely to be swayed by different things.
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