I can't come to terms with people's terrible reasonings.

You read a news about something. Let's assume it has to do with a sensitive topic, like race, gender, culture, religion, something polarizing, that makes you pick 1 of 2 sides.

So what do some people do? They ask themselves "ok what group do I adhere? How do I label myself?".

Then they ask "what do other people in said group/label think about the matter?", sometimes it's people in the media, friends,

sometimes people even create a mental construct of a stereotypical person of said group, a hypothetical one, and use the opinion of said construct as representative.

And final step is a knee jerk reaction of "I believe that too!!!!!!".

Obviously, all of this can't bring no one closer to the theorical truth or the least flawed conclusion.

What does? Case by case basis.

You judge every case as if every case was its own thing.

But why does some people have a hard time doing that? Just general ignorance maybe?

Maybe this tends to occur in families where parents don't teach their kids to challenge their beliefs, or teach them that doing so could result in lack of parental acceptance.

People also have peer pressure, the need to belong and feel accepted. That means sharing the same points of view with close people and considering the opposite taboo.

There's also the very ignorant people that have conspiracies for lunch.

In any case, I feel some people don't even fucking try to be neutral.

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    It's called herd mentality, or social conditioning. It's a purely animal trait that even humans have.

    The segment of population that has grown above this style of reasoning would be the outliers of society who can think for themselves, not get caught up in social bias. But, it's tricky, even when you think you are not being judgemental, in fact, it can turn out you are. Like you are judging right now, those people that make decisions based on their peers thoughts. But isn't that also science? Taking the most reasonable conclusion our peers have assessed even though it may be wrong?

    This will most certainly get some knee-jerk reactions from people who disagree, but it is my thought, our life here on Earth is to learn to evolve beyond our animal and biological instincts, but then you have to be somewhat spiritual in this approach, which I am, but most are not in here.
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    The ability to properly reason might just be outside of common sense.
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    What you are describing are called "sheeple". Don't expect much neutrality or thought from them.
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    I believe that too!!!!!!
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    @electrineer omg, really? let's hang out and be BFFs!!!!!
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    @hash-table best comment I’ve seen on dR so far. I guess we should act a bit more animal-like.
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