Got official announcement that power will be cut off and given in schedule. For many weeks.

Fuck, we are all just adult toodlers pretending to run businesses as a game. Right? So yeah, just fuck us.

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    Reminds me of:



    The Central Electricity Generating Board announced last night that disconnections would increase from 10 percent to 15 per cent from this morning. The high risk areas will now spend nine hours without electricity.


    One of the reasons I have an UPS with a stupidly large battery bank so I can keep everything running for 24 to 48 hours.
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    One time when I rented a flat, I had to make sure I put my quarter of a ton of batteries in just the right spot with a supporting brick wall underneath the floor and not just anywhere !

    I'm reminded of someone I knew who built a very large fishtank in their flat.

    Then filled it..

    Then it went through the floor.

    Almost as amusing as when a bunch of health and safety inspectors had a party in a flat and their combined weight caused the floor to give way.

    As such, I imposed a weight limit in my flat of 22 ordinary people, or 12 really overweight folk at any one time.

    I much prefer buildings with reinforced concrete floors, as long as they aren't made like this:

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    @Nanos I'm truly not blame free for not having a proper battery or backup power sources 😞
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