At a previous company, a new IT director decided we should outsource the development of a webapi to another company, but this outside company would not be allowed access to the database, so we had to develop a webapi to provide data to the outside company's system, so we could call their webapi and get the same data back.

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    Please tell me they at least did something useful with the data before sending it back
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    At least you were prepared for switching vendors. All you would need to do is point the system to your API
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    @conrad sadly no they didn't. In fact we added a config setting to the end app that would bypass the api calls. We called the whole thing the "political loop".
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    All they had to do is forward it. I like it.
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    Hahahaha wtf
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    More latency. Great.
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    meanwhile we're running everything through SAP.

    even things that in no way whatsoever need it, and which SAP doesn't need either. whatever the fuck it is, API's are built in SAP to handle communication between any given other two systems and it pisses me off because it's such needless dependency...
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