How does a new employee ask for questions and don't get - "search on Google"?

Like doing a code-review together. It seems impossible these days, everyone is so busy...

I need that social interaction, and besides Google can't answer all questions thus mostly is information-based, and not something someone has been working with for many years that is targeted towards the place you work at.

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    Apparently collegues don't take the time for some real communications. Taking time to show someone how something works and thus helping them ahead seems too much to ask. Which is a pitty as we all had to learn it once. Especially the older guys didn't have Google and thus had to ask someone who was experienced ...
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    If you ask, real devs will answer.

    Devs who are arrogant and just shove you towards google when your early days (junior level) are just being ass wipes.
    If you ask the same thing constantly though, and we've spent an hour or two already this week trying to get through it then I might start getting impatient but I will still spend several more hours breaking down the problem to a point you can grasp the solution.
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    @redman I'm starting to think that this is not the work environment I need in order to grow. I mean they help if I'm struggling with something, but it's not like I can go and ask, hey do you have a couple of minutes to teach something. I'll just get some strange faces. I'm also aware that people have worked their ass to be where they are, and sharing the knowledge will put them into a fragile situation.

    Maybe I'm overthinking this, and shouldn't care too much what they respond, and just go for it. Either they have time or don't.
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    @C0D4 Thanks, you are right.
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    @colaguy If sharing your knowledge means your position may become at risk, then get the hell out. You do not want to work at such a place.

    Sharing knowledge is, company wise, a big plus as it will help increase the worth of the people working there!
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    If you ask shit that you could google just because you want to chat around, I'd also tell you to STFU and google! You're supposed to get shit done, not to chat around and burn even others' working time for nothing. If you want to chat, do it in your unpaid leisure time with your friends.
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    @Fast-Nop My thoughts exactly.

    If a coworker is asking generic programming questions that could be Googled, they're just burning my time that could be spent working on the product. I have a lot shit to do, so that's no Bueno. I don't mind answering questions related to the product, in fact I generally enjoy answering those.

    Just don't make me explain that HTTP doesn't travel over the telnet protocol (this really happened with one of our devs).
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    i have a guy who is called senior in my team (he knows stuff) but mostly fucks me up in the brain when writing stuff in X language which he was employed to write

    is that a use case to say fof?
    (im somewhat mid lvl)

    i mean i know other languages but i google the syntax at least when i write those languages
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    @Fast-Nop I respect your point of view, but will not follow it.
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