Yay! We completed this project in 8 weeks.

Collaborate with unlimited users to share your ideas and take your teamwork to the Next Level. Work together anywhere, anytime!

Check out the demo here: https://youtu.be/1lMAnxmsgKw

Check out the web app here: https://doodlelive.herokuapp.com

Please don't ignore it, let me know your feedbacks either good or bad and I would surely work to improve on it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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    If I sketch on my phone, then it also scrolls
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    @jespersh We checked with a lot of devices. Could you please let me know your device name with android version?

    Expected behavior:
    It should only scroll when scrolled from sides on mobile devices. The canvas should only draw the sketches.
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    @UvaishZafri It's not a game brother. If you like something then only ++.

    I actually don't need your ++ if you don't like the contents I post.

    As simple as that.
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    @techcatchers "Firefox Focus" on Nokia 7.1
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