Well said. Well said indeed.

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    What if its the other way around .The state of restore is unknown until a backup is attempted
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    @nitehound that's not how it works
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    Nice Moiré pattern.
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    Not a DB guy but how about you hash the current state before backup and then hash the resulting backup?
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    @theuser How about compare the size of the original with the backup? I think will be slow if you try to hash thousands of GB.
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    I've only managed to successfully restore 1 backup set in 30+ years..

    I've still got one set on tape, but no working tape drive..

    Plus the last drivers for said drive was in W98SE..

    And the interface card is an ISA one..

    One day !
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    spot on!
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    One of the reasons I have at least 3 different backup places.

    One off site in case of localised disaster !

    Used to bury it in a field in the middle of nowhere..

    Now I keep it at the bottom of a lake..

    Or do I..
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    Thank you, I'm saving this Image!
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    .... Wait.. let me check mine, brb
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