This is one of my favorite quotes when it comes to programming. So many developer are too eager to start coding instead of spending a bit more time on thinking.

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    this is soo me
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    Great line! So true. Had not heard it before. Thx
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    A well thought out design based on accurate requirements results in a better product.
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    @xinuxunil b-b-but we're engineers! We must over engineer it
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    @tisaconundrum You can engineer it like a Trabant, or you can engineer it like a Maybach. :)
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    @xinuxunil As a German, this analogy pleases me very much 😂
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    100% agreed 👍
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    Here in DevRant I read an image like your stating:

    WEEKS of coding can Save HOURS of planning
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    I prefer the "Ready, Fire, Aim" approach, myself
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    I've hit it from both angles. planing saves alot of time on anything remotely complicated.
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    This is true not just with software development, but any project that is built.
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