Anything in work that is related to "Wordpress".

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    @norman70688 Adding out of scope customisation given by client and trying to figure out how to override few things
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    My company biggest department creates websites in wordpress and maintains them.

    One of my first assigments was to clean up like 20-30 infected websites on wordpress and create automatic backup. That would work if not people who couldnt follow simple (it was annoying to set up as hell, and instructions was like "generate api key in this backup plugin, press settings -> global settings -> api -> generate key, and paste that key in backups.example.com")

    so for me feels like following:
    - exploit bots that will infect sites
    - combating the annoying wordpress codex documentation
    - core that feels like ghetto workaround for workaround when you read it
    - revolution slider and it infamous security bugs
    - people who bearly can write hello world but will consider themselfs "programmers" becouse they can click through wordpress to make website
    - generally hate. I hate wordpress by my heart. But it was starting point of my company, where I finally can get real code done... so it's not that bad.
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    Fuck wordpress
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    I also forgot to mention for one client we don't have full access to server (like shell), so I've to update my code through FTP :(
    And I always end up fucking plugin or theme folder xD
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    @lazysnail oh that is how my work looks like. Looked like actually, becouse my department branched into 2 departments and now I no longer have to care.

    But I remember waiting too long for FTP to send tousends of small files and archive could be sent in like 20 seconds (but transfer of indivitual files takes 20 minutes ;-;)
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    @DubbaThony Same, uploads folder took ages because of images.
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