Looking for some names I can use for servers/devices. Currently I am using planet names from Star Wars. The names of those planets in the outer rim I use for rootservers/devices which are not physically located in my home. Any other ideas/topics?

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    Pets vs Cattle!

    If your phone is slow, just kill it and spin up a new one, don't get attached to them and call them by a number
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    In my old company we used last names of metal singers: Hetfield, Mustaine, Dickinson, Halford, Dio, Osbourne…
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    At a university I used to work at, the print server for the library was Abaddon, and the 4 printers in the library were War, Famine, Plague, and Death.

    For my own devices, I have a big list of fictional starship names that I pull from (Galactica, Agamemnon, Defiant etc.) I even named my NAS device Titan after Titan A.E.

    On the subject of Star Wars planets, at a place I used to work, we had a bunch of unnamed conference rooms, so my team decided to name them all after planets from Star Wars. Everyone else in the office liked the idea, but no one could pronounce Coruscant.
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    I just call them what they are.

    I have a server per project so it makes it easier.
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