Wrote my final exams a few hours ago. I just hope I pass.

I need a hug.

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    go have fun!
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    In 2 weeks i'll be done with exams.
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    Good luck! I send my electronic hugs.
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    congrats bro. keep going
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    Good luck on the results!
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    *hug* I've recently found out the power of hugs so here's a big one *hug*
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    You get a hug and a box of French chocolates. These aren't just any chokkies. My friend from Paris was visiting Seattle and gave me a box of these chocolates. I ate the whole fucking box in one sitting because they were so good and I was afraid that if I crossed the street and died I'd never get to eat the whole box. Serious. So you get a box of those. Even if you fucking fail your finals. I hated uni, I never made it past sophomore year, accumulated. I' could never get into it. But good luck on the finals....
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