Hi, I am the programming director of my FRC team from Israel, MisCar 1574. In this competition, the robots operate autonomously for the first 15 seconds scoring points and than for the rest of the match which is 2:15 minutes the robots are being controlled by drivers. Before the Detroit world championship we uploaded a showcase video of our autonomous, we reached a pretty good level and as the programmers we requested a specific song to be used in the video. This song is called in Hebrew "Yam Hashibolim" and it has a meaning to us, this is what we listened to while working hard every night until about 4:30 am in order to do this. But our media team didn't listen to our request even when all the other team members were with us on this. We would like your help convincing them by commenting #YamHashibolim on this video https://youtu.be/x7wPmq_Fa0Y

If you also participate in the FRC, you are welcome to add your team number like #YamHashibolim - team XXYY

We would really appreciate any help from you 😊

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