I got my domain from Swisscom (Switzerlands "T-Mobile") Every damn time I try to renew/adjust the domain it feels like I have to search for the fucking Higgs Boson. Searching for it on DDG only yields wrong results. Domains are hidden deep within the business part of their homepage. Their buisness site barely mentions domains, the login is somehow tied to an account you would normally use in combination with your phone number which only adds more to the confusion and the whole domain thing seems to be a shitty frontend coverup of someone elses service.

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    würd mi!
    transfer the domain to another domain host?

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    @heyheni I might switch to hostpoint or switch. Thing is i cant really choose freely because its a .ch domain.
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    I get an email once per year one month before expiration, and it contains a link I just have to click to get right to the invoice. If that is still too much effort, I can pay in to my account at any time I wish so that bill gets automatically deducted from my credits.
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    @JFK422 Damn ... can't you move to another registrar? One that *is* customer friendly?
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    Been there. Did you know yahoo business sold domains for a short period there. In like 2004. Which is the last time the site was updated...
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    @JFK422 you can Transfer to Namecheap. Never really had any problems with them... (works for most TLDs including ch)
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