Just a random thought.
If you are going to remove the headphone jack in phones because your goal is to make it slimmer, we'll why not put two USB c ports? One for charging and other actions, one for other actions only

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    Slim is the marketing reason for the dumb masses.

    The real reason is that it's cheaper to build the phone if you omit parts.
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    if you taken apart the "for slim" no headphone jack phone, you would perfectly know that there is space for headphone jack.

    in some phones, even, there are still mounting points, so if you would go extreme, drill a hole in case, solder headphone jack it would actually work.

    It's just to squeze few cents per phone more.

    fuck, i could pay that one single dollar more for phone with headphone jack and they would actually get profits from that single dolar.

    "for slim" is marketing bullshit for dark masses.

    And people belive them xD.
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    Apples answered with “Dongles”
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    I'm very disappointed that people buy those phones, and that some people even _welcome_ the removal. "I don't need it, therefore it's OK that noone has it" is what it boils down to. Grrr.
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    Because then you wouldn't have to buy expensive wireless headphones.
    Or a shitton of dongles
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    @DubbaThony yes, and that's exactly what StrangeParts did for iPhone 7!
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    I think the official statement is they do it to make phones more water resistant.

    In any case, I hate phones without Jack. I still think wired headphones have better quality than wireless ones.
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    this is my phone a sony xz2, for weird reasons it doesnt have a 3,5mm port. Nobody can tell me there wasnt any room for a regular port. The phone is IP64/68 (how it can have two is beyond me) certifications, but that cannot be the reason, the Z1 compact i owned years ago had a audio port and was waterproof aswell

    bluetooth headphones are luckily not expensive at all, but still. Having to rely on myself to carry around the not very commond usb-c adapters is a stretch (heck, i had to manually buy an asortment of usb-c to usb cables cause i had exactly zero laying around)
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    @BurnoutDV the 4 in ip64 means splash proof and ip68 means immersion proof. Its redundant but eh https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    @fuck2code i actually know that, as (i hate saying that cause it sounds nosy) engineer i am actually well aware what it means, what i dont get (cause i did no research), how it can have both IP64 and IP68, according to advertisment its submerseable, but the 4 in the water part is only splatter proof or something, 8 is the highest if my memory serves right so 1,5m for (indefinite?) time

    ..well, wiki says i am just partly right https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    Me reading another apple hate post: Aw shit here we go again...
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    Check Asus ROG Gaming Phone. It's not the best looking device, but it has 3 USB-C ports, so...
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    Manufacturers have never heard about 2,5mm jack ?
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