Got short listed for interview for admission in another College

Maybe you all might give tips on what should be I be like in my first serious interview

Interview will majorly focus on how oriented are we towards research in computer science

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    Nice random !rant rant
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    I've never had that kind of interview, but from stuff I've gone through:

    Don't be a tryhard; be simple, respectful, professional; and make sure you know the domain you're interviewing for well. Also, have ready answers for what exactly you plan to do with/in a research focused degree ("I'll build AI" doesn't quite cut it), why you want that, and how the place will help you. Might help to do some background checks, identify profs and labs you want to work with and so on (even if you don't have any particular interest it might still be beneficial to look this up).

    Also if they ask about projects and stuff please do order your answers from most to least important (I've spent five minutes waffling about some tiny academic project before realising that my internship was way more important for that). You want to give the impression that you mean serious focused business and you're not there to waste time.

    This is all embarrassingly general, I know, sorry.

    All the best!
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    @gitlog never had this kind of interview before, sorry 😐, I do agree with @RememberMe tho, just be honest when you’re in doubt
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