I do own a HI-end XPS 13 w/ i7. I have it for more than 3 years by now. It's a fucking beast! It's running cold, VERY snappy, does its job VERY well and VERY fast. I cannot imagine owning a faster machine...

Today I've noticed that all the 3 years I've been running in powersave mode (cpu capped at 1.7 GHz).

Jesus hugging Christ!

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    And that, folks, why you don't actually need a 4-5 gigahertz processors.
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    Dude what?
    How many physical cores, logical cores and ram ?
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    @metamourge i7-6500U: 2 cores, (4 w/ HT), 16G RAM
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    I've got a very similar i5 (except it's not in powersave) and it's often sluggish and even limits my productivity. It all depends on what you are trying to run.
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    @electrineer IntelliJ w/ *teen gradle modules, *teen launched docker instances, chrome and postman

    ^^-- this is my daily workspace
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    @electrineer Wait, are you on Linux too? Or Windows?
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    @netikras windows on that machine but no consumer grade machine has had any trouble running any os in a decade so that's irrelevant.
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    @electrineer I thought so too :)
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    Im jellous. Especially you said you run U series processor which is like half of processor.

    I run beefy i7 7820hk 32 gb of ram and 1 tb samsung 960 pro.

    Sometimes still not nuff power....
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    that's like accidental preservation. like you literally increased the life span.
    the mere thought of that feels good.
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    Didn't Windows 10 recent update disable such features ?

    It did on one of mine, as I'd been running it at 80% max CPU settings to prevent it from overheating (Design error..) and now of course, it only runs at 100%..

    2 core, as slow as treacle.

    Not like 8 core running the toaster..
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    Btw, probably you already know, the latest intel U cpu are 4 core... And amd ryzen 3 U also looks super cool
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    @Nanos maybe, idk. I'm running linux.

    I had the same issue with my work lappy. A coleague solved it by undervolting CPUs by just a few hundred milivolts. Clock dropped to 70-80%, but at least it's stable now and does not dowthrottle every 5 seconds due to heat.
    I couldn't undervolt it, so I've disabled intel's turbo boost via uefi. Now it's MUCH faster running on stable 2.4 ghz than it was before on 4.1 and overheating
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    For out of warranty solution I took the case off, drilled several dozen holes to help airflow and put it all back together again. :-)

    A little extreme, but it works !
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    @Nanos ummm.... That depends on your definition of "LITTLE extreme" 😁 I wonder what would you call 'extreme' and 'very extreme' 😁
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