How do you find ideas for cool projects. I'm bored and can't think of anything interesting. Maybe you could throw some ideas here?

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    I just live my life and once every so often I stumble across something that could have program to handle it. So my tip is just to literally look around your world and switch to mindset problem - solution. See a problem? Create solution.

    Seems like very slow thing, slow rate of getting ideas. But in fact I have whole list of TODOs that probably I will find time for when I will be 80 or sth lol.

    All of it that way.
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    Look at ypur daily life and you will find plenty of ideas. Some you will discard, some that are partially implemented or have solution you are not aware of. After filtering, there will still be plenty to work on. There’s no better filling than solving a problem you or someone you know face
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    Cultivate other interests too, read and learn about stuff. Plenty of ideas out there, you might just need to expand those horizons a bit
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