Asked my boss if I could have more ram. He laughed at me .. we have 4gb..

My phpstorm freezes all the time while the page file catches up...

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    32 or go home.
    I want to buy a new good laptop, but so few with 32 and those that are... Poor wallet afterwards
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    Laugh at him when he asks why your task isn't complete yet. I didn't know companies still make their developers use computers with 4GB RAM. Sounds like abuse, lol.
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    Back when I was working on Linux I had a thinkpad with 20gb of ram, good old times.

    Now I'm on a MacBook with 8, same experience to be honest.

    "MacBooks suck reeeeeeeeeeee"
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    @Froot When you're just browsing the web all day... :D
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    @Froot I think 8GB MacBooks suck if you have a huge local environment with loads of docker containers running.

    I have 32GB so everything is smooth, but with 8GB it's heavily swapping.
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    @finiteAutomaton perhaps. I only have like 1-2 containers tops
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    phpstorm is really heavy... that sucks
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