They brought the artist Salvador Dalí back to "life" with DeepFake for an exhibition. And it's nothing short of amazing. This is why want to work in technology. Bringing a smile and amazement to people. ☺️
What do you think of it and what do you think will we see in the future?

check it out
Behind the Scenes: Dali Lives

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    Deepfakes for porn, all those in favor say aye!
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    @bikki The industry is waaay ahead of you mate.
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    Yeah mimicking people from videos is funny. Obama fake video is using same technology.

    Waiting for sales department call me and propose new bank offer with voice of my Mother or Friend.

    Unfortunately technology is often misused. Most of it drives surveillance, oppression and slavery of poor people.
    AI and big data are maybe helping discover new medicines but what would be the cost of it ?
    Who will use and can afford it ?
    Hope it would change into better life, but greed is so high on this planet.
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    it is cool and scary at the same time
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    @jesustricks I know exactly what you mean
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    @NOPSledRider woah, you can read minds?
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