Uhhh so my phone doesn't wanna connect to the WiFi at my parents house.

Tried everything I know to do, and it's still not working. I can connect to my wifi at my apartment, the wifi at the Spectrum hotspots around cities. But not theirs.

As a temporary hold over, I'm using my laptop as a mobile hotspot. It'll have to do for now, I guess.

(Anyone else using Q, lmk if you run into any issue like this as well.)

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    2.4 vs 5ghz?
    AC vs N vs G?
    Odd encryption and/or cyphers?
    Restart phone and router?
    Are you grounded?
    Make a ritual sacrifice to the wifi god(s)?
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    1) Tried both. Didn't work.
    2) i think n & ac. But I'm a dumbass so idek for sure. 😂😂
    3) idek (see previous for why)
    4) I tried that multiple times lol
    5) I'm a grown ass man. They don't do that anymore 😂😂 plus they wouldn't even know how to change the passwords.
    6) Im trying that one next.
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    @Stuxnet could be outdated cyphers or WPA2 instead of WPA2-PSK. Or (more likely) you're trying to connect to 5ghz on a 2.4 only device. Or the router broadcasts both networks with the same ssid and one of the two devices gets confused during autonegotiation.
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    @Root WPA2 not PSK? Do you mean WPA2-Enterprise? It would be odd to have at home.
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    @sbiewald No, not enterprise (though I have seen that). WPA2 without PSK doesn't allow you to generate your own password ("pre-shared key"). It isn't common, so I could see some devices not supporting it.
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    @Root What do you need to connect to a device then? If neither radius authentication nor a PSK, what is it?
    Or are those configurations some WPS only setups (WPA2-PSK, but the PSK cannot be set and is not 'known')?
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    Had an issue like this with a CenturyLink modem once upon a time. Made it hand out 192.168.1.x IPs instead of 192.168.0.x and it fixed it. For a time...
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