So one of my rants got ++ more than 30, I was wondering like how long does it take to get those laptop stickers ? Bcz I have seen rants saying either they haven't received it or got after a year or so..
I would love to hear your thoughts about it ..

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    It takes a few bucks 🤔
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    Basically it's two guys doing it in their free time, so it would take some time to send the stickers, and you should wait patiently. If it takes a year+ means the person sent the wrong info and it has been going around looking for the correct address
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    It just depends on where you at. The states, a couple weeks, mars well....
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    you did email them huh? dfox will usually reply back when he sees it and gets a chance to send them.
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    I live in Germany. Took them a couple of weeks, two if I recall correctly. Ymmv, it depends o where you live.
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