devRant needed my "physical address" to send me stickers.
I sent them: 8D:*E:85:12:**:**

Waiting for the stickers... :-/

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    Here are your stickers
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    @DavidKevork Thanks
    *cries in happiness*
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    So devrant found a cheap way to collect our personal data we don't provide to facebook because of privacy concerns :)
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    @Gogy We should create a post proxy 😁
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    @monkcs give them your neighbours address. Wait outside their house everyday. When post man comes walk towards the house tell them you live there and offer to take it. See if it's there if not pretend to find your keys till he's gone then put it in the letter box and walk away. This only works if your postmen are friendly.
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    @dfox please help @BugsBuggy before his dick gets stuck in the blender
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    @oscarascal you drunk?
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