Are there any people on devrant who work at an adult movies site? Like those sites also need developers right?

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    I remember one ranter on here.. forgot who
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    @rutee07 although I think he does the acting too
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    @620hun This rant is the reason that I asked this question.
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    Like it's crazy so much adult content on the net. Who creates all those sites?
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    @thatguyatwork I don’t know if it counts, but I helped translating a porn site
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    @620hun freelance job?
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    I worked for various adult subscription websites for about 5 years. As a friend of mine said once, "someone's gotta put the dicks on the internet."

    Content is content. You have to solve all of the same problems as any other video website: CDNs, billing, affiliates, CMS design, user interfaces, optimization, SEO and customer support.

    However there are some issues that are unique or endemic to adult. Most noticeably is working with billing. Not all payment processors allow porn and the ones that do are often specialized, still use their 1996 APIs and gouge you on fees (ccbill, dhd, netbilling).

    Its not uncommon to have many merchant accounts that rotate to avoid having too much in any one account because it is considered "high risk".

    I've had issues with CDNs who don't want to serve adult content. And of course the code is legacy af because porn is the first websites.

    Otherwise the skillsets and business model is exactly the same for the educational video site I work for now!
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    @cst1992 thanks for thinking of me :)
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    @gaffletron My pleasure :)
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