Would it be a bad idea if I mention my biggest project is a Discord bot supplying explicit material to a total of 7000 servers on my CV?
Honestly unsure.

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    are you applying to the russian mafia? 😃
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    @heyheni Just trying to update my CV. It has been rotting for a while now.

    Hmm, does the Russian Mafia pay well?
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    Sounds like a legit project, just make it sound more technical.
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    @monzrmango This.
    Mention its scope, not its purpose.
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    I mean if I were the first person to make a porn site, I wouldn't word it as "I made a porn site."

    Phrase it more like "Revolutionary way of providing individuals with a new way to observe adult entertainment."

    Just do that with your project.

    Aka what @monzrmango and @root said
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    That shit is damn impressive.

    Fuck, if I were interviewing you, even if you told me the explicit part I'd probably still hire you.
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    I worked in adult for several years. I used to try and downplay what it was when interviewing, but now I just DGAF. Content is content. Also, what you are describing sounds very impressive.
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    I guess it depends on who is interviewing you. One of my managers would probably hire you at the word "explicit" because it shows "character".
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    I mean would you want to work at a company that is not impressed by that?
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    Explicit material = Archive material.

    Technological archaeologist..
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    A colleague of mine is building porn sites at the moment. Not those like pornhub or xhamster, but those for people with weird fetishes.
    He has it on his CV and LinkedIn.
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    Mention how many users have access (so the amount of members in each of the server). Higher numbers!
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    Favourited for future reference
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    Code please!
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    @AI-Overlord Sorry, but no.
    Maybe I'll open-source the old version when I finish the rewrite.
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    You made a porn bot? What’s its name? Asking for a friend.
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    My friend needs that too.
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