I’m really getting fed up with the situation I am in!

I was brought in as a development lead, which in my eyes and from the sound of it leading on the technical delivery, inspiring and leading technical development decisions and generally leading my team (one additional dev) in the delivery of work items and user stories which the PM or Business analyst produces..

Then it “evolved” into what felt more like a development manager where I was reporting to senior management on KPIs and stuff, I sucked it up and did it.

Then they brought in two new people which they call application specialists. These people spend all their time managing existing off the shelf applications, communicating with the vendor, running user groups where they work with our users on moving the product forward and planning the configuration and enablement of new functionality.

Because they are “developing” the application (in the same way a child develops, or the same way a story line develops and evolves) they fall under me..

So now I spend a split amount of time developing software and also managing what I can only explain as project managers, product owners...

Oh but then it gets better!! Now they want me(as well as our info sec lead and our infrastructure lead) to be a kind of all round delivery lead, gauging the requirements of a project, reporting in its risks to senior management, resource planning, everything a PM does! And also be the technical person delivering these projects!

Honestly, it’s seriously starting to take the fucking piss!

I am a technical programmer, a pretty good one if I say so myself, the developer reporting to me is good but needs hand holding which I am ok with! But would never be able to deliver an element of a product by himself in line with what we expect in quality of code..

Why would anyone think you take a person built and only interested in doing a technical role and make then a generic all round manager of a project??

I know why they did it! It’s because there are other managers in our department paid the same “level” as me, but because of their management responsibility’s , I however feel I am paid this much for my technical experience and abilities, thy are just blanket covering everyone the same at this level.

You would never get a manager at this salary scale with the technical skills they need, and you would never get a technical person with the skills interested in doing that type of management at this salary scale!

I’m just a mug and they know it!

So fucking angry!

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    Dev lead position usually has 0 programming in it. I'm an engineering manager (that's a step below dev lead) and I barely code anymore. These leadership roles usually have so much management work that you just don't have time to code. And frankly using a good dev lead or engineering manager as a software engineer is a waste of resource imo

    Edit: I agree that it's frustrating if your PO is not pulling their weight
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    @Froot then maybe they branded the role incorrectly, as as it was initially sold I was going to be leading a developer but acting more like a senior developer.

    My pay scale is also around the range of a “senior developer” or even a well played “developer” in the private sector(I work in the UK public sector)

    Now at that pay range would you expect someone to take on the roles I mentioned above?

    Or am I just deluded and this is actually what the role should entail?
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    @genericdev143 ye the pay range and your expectations when getting into this do factor in here.

    I guess you could take it as a learning experience. You're handed more responsibility, that's something that will allow you to grow professionally.
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