Goddamnit, I've been rumaging around a CMS -generated site (not wordpress) for a friend in devtools.(to suggest improvements) I don't have much experience with CMS, but why is there so much fucking useless nested markup everywhere that has to go down the line. A simple paragraph has at least 6x nesting, a nav is "centered" by having a millionenty billionety divs on each side, there was even a span element for a single character inside a <p>.

What a fucking mess.

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    HTML editors in CMS do this shit
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    @milkyway fucking hell, I had no idea
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    also many templates are written like crap.

    or the CMS itself uses some modular template system where each plugin has templates for its own bits, and when you pile enough plugins on top of each other (e. g. menu containing popup submenus containing crossfading preview images), the result of them automatically nesting their templates is... precisely as bad as it sounds.
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    @Midnigh-shcode So basically, a large portion of W3 is a fucking mess
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    @theuser w3?
    as in, www?

    nah, a large portion of internet in general is a fuckin mess, since it was built on completely unsecure, encoding-dependent, stateless protocols designed to exchange static data, and all of the "advancements" since then have just been equally shortsighted bandaids to force it to handle the precise absolute opposite of what it was intended for.
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