What I feared is happening.
I will barely see my gf for some time (until summer).

I just feel like crying, wanting to do a lot of things with her, barely getting to do so.
On one hand, I have a gf, on the other hand, fuck my life for worsening good things that happen to me.

P. S. if any of you fuckers unironically complain about the fact that I have a girlfriend (and you don't), go to hell

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    Guess I will just replace the lonely times with code.
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    Code is always here for you bro. Console.log("I am here for you");
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    Why the P. S.?
    Something I've missed?
    Can't find any bad comments on your previous "girlfriend-rant".
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    everytime someone writes the word "until" i read "util" and it's freaking me out.
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    Anyways I never had a girlfriend, but I'm pretty sure I know how you feel right now...

    And crying is not a bad thing you should be ashamed of. Just let it out if you need to. No need to prove something.

    Btw, saying "on one hand, i have a girlfriend" sounds a bit... Wrong...
    If you know what I mean ;D
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    bro, sorry to hear that
    if you want to chat here's my discord chirptune#1829
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    @Skayo Seems the idiotic comment was either downvoted to hell or deleted.

    I know crying is nothing to be ashamed of, I do let it out.

    And yeah the "on one hand" thing does sound odd, lol
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    @erandria Thanks for the offer :)
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    u n i r o n i c a l l y
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    Y'know, all this shit happening when I hadn't seen her for a lot of time anyway is making it worse :(
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    Hey man at least you have a girlfriend
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    You can still go to hell if you want to!
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    @karma Congratulations! You have earned (1) ticket to hell!

    Tickets are only valid to the persons that recieved them and may not be transferred to another person.
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    @kescherRant do you allow refunds?
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    How old are you?
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    Where did you first meet your girlfriend ?

    On public transport ?

    At a shop ?
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    @Nanos Her family once was invited to dinner. That's how we first met. That was in 2014.
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    @kescherRant i lived through that. Around the same age. :) you will look back on all that with a smile. Just dont beat yourself up or do anything that cannot be fixed and youll be okay.
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    @Santaclauze I know, but it still feels bad.
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    @kescherRant yeah im sorry i didnt eant to discredit your feelings. I was a bit selfish because a strong feeling of nostalgia hitnme when i read your message.
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    My only complaints that the categories not random. Unless your fucking your computer who cares
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