Hey guys,

I just released my first decent npm package: https://github.com/zzyyxxww/abides

It took more work than I expected and releasing it means a lot to me since I had a non existent portfolio before this.

I wrote it because I didn't like the de facto validators and I just wanted to do things my own way.

i know creating js packages is usually ridiculed, but at least I created this with a conscience and good code coverage.

thanks for reading.

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    This looks like the kind of library that I would definitely want to use!
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    Nice username lol
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    Looks very nice, dude. Could help people who come from static typed languages like me
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    So what does it do...?

    You need to SELL your product!
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    @Salzian it's a javascript validator with some tricks I wished I had at some points of my life.
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