Hey, I'm looking for some C# programmers to watch code. Do you all have any suggestions? I don't care which streaming service they upload to.

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    Wait, there are people who will watch others code over Twitch?
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    @bkwilliams I mean, I'm here I guess! I just want to see how other people go about solving their problems, and hopefully pick up some useful skills/tips myself. I watched Kitboga struggle for about an hour making something in Autohotkey on stream once, which was both fun and educational.
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    I've used it long time ago, before they rebranded it. It's like twitch but people stream coding only.

    Found this awesome list on google.
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    I steamed for some time but a mix of gamedev and code. And it was more about talking to other devs about dev stuff. I wasn't really productive during these streams but it was fun.
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    Jeff Fritz
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