Searched on various forums, everyone seems to have conflicting opinions.
If I want hibernation to work correctly on my laptop , do I need to allocate swap equal to RAM (some are also saying double 😥) I have 16 gigs of RAM, so allocating 32 gigs (or 16 gigs) swap seems like a waste of space. Will do only if absolutely necessary.
I am running manjaro KDE by the way

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    You should be good with 1.5x your memory, so 24GB in your case. It's not a waste of space. You want to avoid a situation where OOM starts to randomly terminate processes to free up memory, because that doesn't normally end well. That should give you enough for hibernate plus normal operations.
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    Don't hibernate. Turn the thing off. Saves a lot of trouble in the long.
    A Lot Of Trouble.
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    @magicMirror @iAmNaN What kind of trouble ? I just found out about it recently, and seem to like it...
    I mean it resumes in the same state while actually powering off...
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    Ubuntu + hibernate can work. for a bit. then it stops working - maybe you updated the kernel, maybe some other update broke it, who knows. And you waste more time trying to fix it. Then the laptop will not return from hibernate - so you force poweroff, and start again.
    And after a few times of that - the laptop does not come back, and you have to reinstall the OS. And play with the hibernation thing again....

    Sage advice - turn the thing off. Long run says hibernate is not worth it.
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    @magicMirror Oh!. Thanks. I use Manjaro, and hibernation comes pre-installed in it. Didn't know Ubuntu had the feature too. Never saw it
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    @Konsole well... gl then.
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