Now I feel like krillin

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    Chrome os devs get 128 gb just for their test stations...
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    Haha wow.
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    Google SRE team I am coming for you!
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    What the hell 😂
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    Haha I laughed out loud on this one! Here I am considering 8gb of ram a lot 😂
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    ++ for the DBZ reference
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    @linuxxx 8gb honestly still isn't very impressive - i have an 8g laptop and a 16g laptop. granted, the 8g is really old and burnt out
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    @ParkCity I'll upgrade as soon as I've got the money. Just saving up for moving out of this shithole right now.
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    @linuxxx oof i feel it
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    My laptop has 8 GB at the time I got it (about 5 years ago) it was quite a lot.
    When I got my PC about 2 years ago, it also had 8 GB which I later on upgraded to 16 GB.

    I personally define 16 GB as decent and for my Laptop 8 GB are more than enough (Arch w/ Gnome3).

    If someone wants to upgrade his RAM I would recommend waiting till summer mrxt year when the prices are supposed to drop.

    I recently needed to buy 4GB DDR4-Ram because my grandfathers FM2 Mobo stopped working. It cost 40€!! Half a year before I only paid 20€ for the exact same thing.
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    @LinusCDE ddr4 is expensive vro
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    So instead of answering the question he just bragged?
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    @azous true, is there anyone here who can answer that?
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    I have got 32gb on my desktop and thats quite overkill already hahA
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