NEVER take a shot of vodka every time Unity (on Mac) crashes...
You'll end up way beyond drunk before 12am

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    Same for Windows and Linux. Unity just sucks :(
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    Haha, that6 the game i would like to play.
    Another one for me would a game in which 2 people code on Android Studio and drink during the gradle compilation.
    I would be drunk very soon xD
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    @-Minty- I dunno bout you but I've been using Unity for several years and it's probably crashed on me like 5 times.

    Not saying that your lying but my experience with Unity has been pretty good XD

    Edit: Use it on Windows. Can't speak for Mac/Linux
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    @codefromsaturn I've personally had it crash about 12 times in the past few weeks, almost always after stopping a test. It's could just be an ID10T problem from me, though
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    @codefromsaturn yeah my problem is that I'm using socket.io, but the only working lib for socket io in Unity redefined basic types like Func<T> and Action<>

    Plus, I'm using it for VR for Android, with video textures that are being downloaded on runtime

    The whole thing works flawlessly on the devices, but keeps crashing and failing in the editor
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    @-Minty- Ahh. Maybe it's just a bad install. Couldn't hurt to do a clean install? If you haven't already. 😂
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    @ZioCain Somewhat uncharted territory so I can't say much. Unity does absolutely have it's share of quirks and issues no doubt.

    Hopefully it doesn't go crazy on me anytime soon XD
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