My mother-in-law asked me to reinstall her laptop. I made a deal with her that I will happily do that, but only if it can be a Linux distribution.
She eventually after asking questions about it agreed.
She don't want to go back anymore.

Funny enough, the co-workers didn't understand why is her laptop slightly looks different, so they started to tell her , that the laptop is full with virus.

I explained her that she doesn't even have system privilege to install one even if she wants.

She was happy with the answer :D

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    That's why a mortal should use Linux. The permissions are very strict and practically unbreakable.
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    I've tried the same - parents had a high spec pc (for that time, lol) but it was full of bloatware all the time. Literally, if you ever open IE - it's a shitload of toolbars. So, I've installed friendliest distro at that time - ubuntu 13 or 12. What happened was - they were seriously pissed that pc works VERY fast but they can't install shitty apps. When I asked if they really need it - they would simply answer - it told me that it would boost up the performance of X thing...

    A few months later I found out that they had that pc in the repair shop and the repair shop couldn't do shit with Linux so installed windows again and complained that Linux is a virus, not an operating system :)
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    I am leaving the town and i had to teach my mom the computer basics. So, taught her how to use gnome DE on my debian server and surprisingly it was intuitive for her.

    No worries as her user is not in sudoers and i can always ask her to copy some text from phone to the terminal if something goes wrong. This is way better than telling go to start - application - settings - shit - do this...
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    Cool story, although about the last phrase I should have to point out... https://xkcd.com/1200/
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    Man, I miss the toolbars in IE. they were always a solid way to get some work in the neighbourhood.
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    @LuxARTS Until she needs to add a printer. (Remember Linus' story, but well that was fixed.)

    Generally I'd say Linux is for tinkerers, which includes all sort of binary tinkering - so more anti-security kind of actually (remember what Linus thinks of the security people?)
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