My mom never touched a PC or smartphone. Well, most people didn't back then, because it was the early 90s.

But I brought a borrowed SNES to the hospital and taught her to blow on the Zelda cartridge if it didn't work. She died after we finished the game.

After that my dad bought me a commodore 64, the machine that taught me about electronics and programming, and molded me into who I am today.

On the first date with my girlfriend (now 12y together) we just sat talking for hours in her room, playing Zelda on her SNES taking turns, and I told her my mom would have liked her.

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    I just realized all the women in my life have been console plebs πŸ€” But I forgive them, consoles were better than PCs in the 90s ♥️
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    > got subscription notif from bittersweet
    > came for epic rant
    > got the feels instead

    your username is way to appropriate for this rant...
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    @soulevans07 Aye... πŸ™
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    The feels man the feels... Yall are adorable

    I'm jealous
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    Aww man πŸ€—
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    i don't know how to feel, sad for your mom or happy for SNES tradition... nice story m8
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    @KorDarei She was forever immortalized as the "mom of the adventurer" archetype on a C64 RPG game cartridge prototype I wrote and soldered together as a kid, which got published and sold a few thousand copies in the mid 90s.

    As an atheist, I think it's the closest I could do to deliver her soul to heaven. 🀷‍♂️
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    @irene Yeah, I learned that later. I restored a lot of old Nintendo cartridges, my first PCB etch was to fix a SNES Mario world cartridge.
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    *sniff* I'm not crying, YOU ARE!
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    @bittersweet better than PC's, what are these lies lol.
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    This is the sweetest story I have ready today❀️
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    Ahh soo sweet πŸ’ž
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    I felt sad so i came here to read some stories but i didn't expect these feels..
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