What do you think about windows will have Linux kernel? 🤔

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    Very unlikely that it will actually have a second kernel - kernel's don't really parallelize well and there's little point in doing that. It's basically a translation layer similar to WINE. And it's already been there for some time.
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    It'd make WSL waay nicer and opens the door to much better integration of Linux software into the Windows system. I think it'd be pretty nice if we could get close to Linux performance of Linux applications from within Windows, it's a best of both worlds scenario for people like me who use both platforms regularly.
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    It's actually great for me. As a C# developer who primarily uses Windows, it would be much more easier to join the modern world of containers and other stuff instead of trying to configure and force things in Windows
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    1) I don't think that will be a thing
    2) They're supposed to fix their goddamn stupid os, not the kernel.
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    @M1sf3t jag is owned by TATA 🇮🇳
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